Mean Little Blanket
Mean Little Blanket is a Hard Rock band that throws a diverse range of influence into the mix. Experimenting with odd time signatures, heavy riffs,
challenging chord progressions, and catchy melodies; these are all things you can expect when listening to their debut album " BLAST OFF". Mean Little Blanket is the brain child of Singer/Bassist - Corey Dozier, & Drummer- Jason Prushko. The two atten
ded the prestigious New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music(NY,NY)where after playing in many diverse musical acts they started Mean Little Blanket in 2009. After playing many shows across the U.S.A. and an abundance of material the band picked the best of it and recorded their debut album "BLAST OFF" at Jupiter 4 Studio (NY,NY) mixed by Steve Schalk and mastered by Christopher Hoffman. The band is currently looking for a label home for the record but can be streamed in it's entirety along with all social media links at


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